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Friday, April 06, 2007

I think I want a Hula-Hoop....
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"Step into my world with me. It's fun and filled with shiney things. A new adventure at every turn." Tell me again why I listen to my inner-child....

So, I'm cruising around town looking for something to get my Mom for Easter. Durham, like many other places, has NO places to shop after 10 pm except...yep, you guessed it, the world famous, Wal-Fart.

After roaming aimlessly for what seemed an enternity, I decided to browse the jewelry section for a few. My mom like sparkely's a perfect idea! Don't know why I didn't think of it sooner.

Now, as I approach I see this kid. He's standing alone beside a huge box of hula-hoops. He's marveling at them. Shiney plastic fun in the form of a circle. What's not to love? He carefully chooses one and begins to give it a try. OK, so me being the coach I am, I notice that his technique is all wrong. He's trying to spin in a circle along with the hula-hoop. I'm wondering what his parents have been teaching him or, at the very least, what they were high on when he was conceived. I mean it's a hula-hoop for Christ's sake...not rocket science.

So, I try to refocus on the task at hand, as I've never been great at multi-tasking, but this kid is killing me. I casually look around...see no one that could possibly be his parent, so I say..."Don't spin with the hula-hoop, you just have to make circles with your hips like this (wiggles hips)." To which he replies, "I have done this before, you know, when I was a kid." I chuckle (to myself) because he can't be more than 8. Here's where things start getting fuzzy. I hear this voice, small at first, then gradually growing louder...I try to ignore it, but it's pleading with me. "Come on, Christy, show him." The notorious inner-child.

I looked around...making sure to not embarrass myself in front of any potential suitors...and cooly stepped over to the box. I said "I wonder if I can still hula-hoop" in the coolest voice I could manage. This kid looks at me and says..."I think you are going need the big one" (referring to the larger size hoop). God I love kids. So honest. But I giggled inspite of his reference to the hula-hoop size thinking, I sure could use a big one...but that's the topic of another blog...LOL.

I carefully and thoughtfully chose my the inner-child howls inside, "The Pink one, the pink one!!!" I appease her and go with the LARGE pink hula-hoop. I step into it and immediately am returned to my granny's front yard...I'm 7 and hula-hooping is my life. I place the hoop to my waist...the inner child screams "HERE...WE...GO!" I gave the hoop a twirl...wiggled alittle...and the hoop dropped to the floor. I was dumbfounded...the kid laughed at me...some fat lady that could have worn the hula-hoop as a freakin belt scowled at me and there I stood...a 30-year old woman who can't hula-hoop.

I was determined at that point. After all, I thought it was like riding a bike, once you learn, you never forget. Anywho...the second try was more successful and by the third time, I looked like a pro. Meanwhile...back at the ranch...the kid's dad comes up unannouced. I was like..."Omm, yeah, we were just hula-hooping." He says something to his kid, looks at me, laughs, and the pair walked away.

I'm not the kind of gal that cares too much what people think of me, so I gather my items to purchase and start strutting through the store. I was so pleased with myself, still being able to work it out where the hula-hoop was concerned...but wait...

In a flash I felt the dreaded pinch...the pain! Yes people...I threw out my back working the hula-hoop.

It sucks to get old!

Until next time...



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